My name is Karthikraj Duraisamy, and I am an Android application developer and designer. I work in both iOS and Android apps.

I am more like an product engineer with main focus on user experience. I do play around the tech stack, I do write code for server stacks, mobile apps. I like experiments and exploring new things.

Android Intern - Andriod applications developer - Senior Software Engineer - Lead developer - Mobile web designer - iOS application developer - Windows Phone application developer - Windows Mobile CE application developer - Java developer - Senior Engineering Manager.

Whole of this journey added some interesting skills and also improved some core skills. This blog is where I write about my experiences in Android development.


Motivation is a key for consistency. Here are some quotes that I likes and helps me motivated.

First do it, then do it right, then do it better is what i follows while taking up new roles.

Nothing is innovated in the world as we had found everything available and innovations adds the special piece on it.

While learning new things it is important to have a deep study, but much important is to get out there and do.